Vecta - Anti Tie Up Powdered Formula


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Anti-tie up is a unique combination of chemical elements,
vitamins and amino acids which support the management
and prevention of the equine condition, “tying up”.
Generalized tying up consists of muscle stiffness and
cramps which can significantly reduce the performance of
the equine athlete. Horses that receive high grain diets like
race horses are more prone to this condition.
How Does VECTA Anti-Tie-Up work?
Apart from the traditional ingredients used to treat and prevent tying up, VECTA Anti Tie Up also consists of a high concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) which assists in preventing muscle cells from breaking down. With the addition of BCAA’s, a horse’s recovery more efficient than when being supplemented with other anti-tie-up supplements.
Anti-oxidant stress is a major cause of tying up in all equine athletes. Selenium is a functional component of the intracellular enzyme gluthione peroxidise and when combined with Vitamin E, this forms an important defense for cells against oxidative stress. 
Other ingredients in VECTA Anti-Tie-Up assist in treating tying up including nervousness, mineral deficiencies, lactate build up and dehydration.
Active Ingredients (Per Kg):
  • Potassium  -  55,000mg
  • Magnesium  -  50,000mg
  • Selenium  -  1mg
  • Vitamin C  -  7,500mg
  • Vitamin E  -  7,500mg
  • Thiamine  -  1,250mg
  • Riboflavin  -  200mg
  • BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine)  -  55,000mg
Available Sizes
1KG - 33 Doses
10KG - 333 x Doses

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