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BAYCOX® COCCIDIOCIDE FOR PIGLETS AND CATTLEActive Ingredient: Toltrazuril @ 50g/LBaycox® Coccidiocide for Pigs & Cattle is an easy-to-use, one-dose oral treatment for the control of coccidiosis. Baycox® Coccidiocide contains Toltrazuril, an active constituent which destroys all intracellular stages of the pathogen's life cycle in the intestine, without impairing their ability to acquire lifelong natural immunity against coccidia.
For pigs, Baycox® controls coccidiosis caused by Isospora suis infection of young piglets. Isospora suis infection is a major cause of diarrhoea, dehydration, loss of appetite, poor growth, and occasional mortality in piglets between birth and 3–4 weeks of age.  Baycox® is effective in one dose because it attacks all stages of the parasite in the animal.For cattle, Baycox® is for the treatment of clinical coccidiosis, and as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis in cattle up to 9 months of age caused by Eimeria bovis or Eimeria zuernii. Coccidiosis typically occurs in cattle less than a year old, causing diarrhoea, blood loss and poor absorption capacity. This results in reduced appetite and ability to convert feed, and a setback in growth.Toltrazuril, the active constituent of Baycox®, is active against all intracellular stages of coccidia. It interferes with the multiplication process and the energy pathways of the parasite. Baycox® Piglet & Cattle treats and prevents clinical disease while allowing immunity to develop against coccidia.Before using this product obtain a veterinary diagnosis for the cause of the diarrhoea. Clinical coccidiosis of piglets & cattle appears from 5-30 days of age. Control of the disease is most effective when Baycox® is given as a preventative before intestinal damage occurs and diarrhoea begins.PRODUCT BENEFITS:
  • Convenient single oral dose for easy administration - follow up treatment is usually not necessary
  • Kills all coccidia development stages
  • Long acting to suppress oocyst excretion over 42 days
  • Efficacy is independent of the severity of the infection
  • Does not impair natural immunity development
  • Both curative and preventative to ensure production of high value replacements
 DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Before using this product, obtain a veterinary diagnosis for diarrhoea.DOSAGE:
Give by mouth. Ensure the applicator is delivering a full dose before starting treatment. The applicator should be set to deliver a full dose per stroke.Piglets: 1mL
Treat at 3 - 6 days old at the onset of coccidial diarrhoea. Treat all piglets in infected litters and all infected and 'at risk' litters in the farrowing house.Cattle: 3mL per 10kg bodyweight.In the case of history of coccidiosis on farm, treat 1 week before expected onset of clinical signs. For prevention of coccidiosis in recently weaned calves, treat at weaning time when milk feeding ceases. Otherwise treat at the onset of diagnosed clinical signs.WITHHOLDING PERIODS (WHP)
  • MEAT (Pigs) - DO NOT USE less than 70 days before slaughter for human consumption.
  • MEAT (Cattle) - DO NOT USE less than 56 days before slaughter for human consumption.
  • MILK (Cattle) - DO NOT USE in lactating or pregnant cows where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption
  • EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL (ESI) (Pigs): No ESI established.
  • EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL (ESI) (Cattle): DO NOT slaughter for export for 75 days after last treatment.

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