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Dynavyte is a probiotic oral supplement developed to promote a healthy gut microbiome.
A naturally fermented liquid, the active culture in Dynavyte is Bacillus subtilise (Natto).
Dynavyte was developed by a team of respected veterinarians and microbiologists here in Australia.
Dynavyte has been keeping horses healthy and happy since 2007, and it is particularly well-suited to performance horses which require the maximum nutrition from their diet.
Dynavyte is palatable, safe and readily bio-available to your horse or pony.

Why is the Microbiome important to Animal Health?

Scientists are discovering the wondrous influence of a balanced microbiome. The microbiome is the active microbial Eco-system that lives in or on an animal’s body – over 100 trillion microbes plus their genes.
The greatest concentration of these invisible creatures is in the gut where these microbes are the “worker bees” that perform most of the important bodily functions.
The microbiome primary task is to enable food to be digested and nutrients to be metabolised.
Another key job for the microbiome is to maintain a healthy gut by nourishing the cells of the gut wall. This wall is only one cell thick, with an animal’s immune system just on the other side.
The gut is increasingly being referred to as “the second brain” as it influences the “feel good” serotonin and other neurochemical levels in an animal’s body. So a microbiome in good shape also results in good animal mental health by promoting calmness and balance.When the microbiome is out of balance the production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters drops, which may result in anxiety, depression and a negative attitude in horses.

How does Dynavyte build a Better Microbiome?

In the world of gut flora, there is both good and bad bacteria. Dynavyte has been developed to maximise the “good” gut flora, which support the immune system, protect from disease and detoxify the body. In doing so the “good” flora helps to keep the “bad” flora in check. It is the “bad” flora, which play a role in inflammation and disease. However, it is important for long term health to keep gut flora, both good and bad, on an even keel. Keeping the Microbiome on track means Sustainable Wellness for Animals. To successfully build the microbiome certain key factors are critical. Dynavyte has been formulated to address these. 1/ Dynavyte contains an active “live” probiotic, Bacillus subtilis (Natto) 1-10×10 6. This protects the diversity of the gut flora, keeping the microbiome full of living beneficial organisms, which may help digestion, immunity and overall health. 2/ Dynavyte is a brewed and fermented product. Brewed and fermented products encourage the growth of good bacteria, and add some pre-biotics to the mix, which in this case are non-digestible short-chain fatty acids that help the bacteria to feed and flourish. The brewing and fermenting of Dynavyte also releases beneficial organic phytochemicals and enzymes which are fully and readily bio-available to the horse. 3/ Dynavyte will re-cultivate the “microbial garden” after a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics should be used sparingly as they “murder” all microbes, even the “good” ones! When antibiotics are necessary for your horse, re-build it’s microbiome with Dynavyte, it’s purpose made to achieve this.

Why do horses need Dynavyte?

There is not a horse that doesn’t need Dynavyte. Even on a good diet, if the feed and nutrients being provided to the horse are not being absorbed properly, the horse’s system is effectively being starved. There are many functions that an animal cannot perform on it’s own, and one of them is digestion. Since the beginning of time when animals co-evolved with bacteria, there has been a dependence on the gut bacterial community not just to remain healthy, but also to survive at all. Without a healthy gut microbiome it is impossible for a horse to perform to its full capabilities.
Dynavyte addresses this, opening the pathway for greater absorption of everything fed to a horse, whether it be pasture, pre-mixed feeds, vitamins, minerals or other supplements.

How do I give my horse Dynavyte?

Dynavyte is a palatable liquid, which is easily administered in your horse’s feed or water. Unlike other probiotics on the market (which are often dried and fed as powder, or re-constituted), Dynavyte is “living”. The active constituent in Dynavyte is Bacillus subtilis (Natto), which is quickly and readily accepted by a horse’s gut. A daily dose of Dynavyte is all that is needed to keep your horse happy, strong and healthy whether it be performing at optimum level or in retirement. As you can see, the microbiome helps protect the brain, the gut and the metabolism. Dynavyte means Sustainable Wellness for your Horse.
“Products like Dynavyte can be used effectively by horse owners to provide the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential for the betterment of the health of their competition horses. Throw in the advantages of a natural production method, high palatability and increased bio availability and you have a horse feed supplement that is hard to walk past. These products are well worth looking at for horse owners seeking the best of care and nutrition for their active horses. Dr Warwick Vale BSc BVMS (Hons II) Veterinary Surgeon FEI Veterinary Delegate, FEI MCP Testing Veterinarian at the 2008 Olympic Games (Equestrian). Take it from the Experts
Veterinary Surgeons Recommend Dynavyte Daily Requirements:
  • Horses over 300 kg:   20-40ml daily
  • Horses / Ponies < 300 kg:  10-20ml daily
  • May safely double these doses for recovering from sickness / stress or for pregnancy / lactation.
Dynavyte is available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 litre containers

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