Ceva - Electrovite Paste 60gr


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Each 1 ml contains:

Vitamin E 16.83 mg/ml

 Vitamin B1 1.7 mg/ml

 Vitamin B2 1.44 mg/ml

 Vitamin B3 5.55 mg/ml

Vitamin E 16.83 mg/ml : Vitamin B6 0.17 mg/ml

 Vitamin B1 1.7 mg/ml :  Vitamin B12 0.68 mg/ml

 Vitamin B2 1.44 mg/ml :  Folic Acid 0.35 mg/ml

 Vitamin B3 5.55 mg/ml :  Calcium 20.9 mg/ml

Vitamin E 16.83 mg/ml : Magnesium 24.3 mg/ml

 Vitamin B1 1.7 mg/ml :  Sodium 62.4 mg/ml

 Vitamin B2 1.44 mg/ml :  Potassium 81.1 mg/ml

 Vitamin B3 5.55 mg/ml :  Zinc 1.34 mg/ml

Vitamin E 16.83 mg/ml : Chloride 206.7 mg/ml



The maintenance of a proper balance of body fluids is critical to athletic performance. Dehydration will rapidly reduce the capacity of training to peak fitness, and can lead in extreme cases, to muscle damage.
ELECTROVITE Paste replaces electrolytes lost by dehydration as well as supplying B group vitamins required for carbohydrate metabolism and muscle function and the antioxidant, Vitamin E to help reduce cellular damage during exercise.
Athletic horses are subjected to significantly greater stresses than resting horses. Such stresses can disrupt the physiological balance required for optimum performance.
Horses under heavy exercise loads, or under physical stress such as long truck or float trips, have higher requirements for vitamins (particularly B group) and minerals such as magnesium and zinc which are used in cell metabolism. ELECTROVITE Paste is also very effective when given to horses in heavy training, particularly in hot weather, when nutrients are lost more easily through sweat.


To administer, place the nozzle into the side of the mouth, and deposit the paste as far back over the tongue as possible. Give dose during or after competing, racing or other strenuous exercise.
Dose Rate: Adult Horse: 400 - 500 kg: 30 ml = 8 divisions
Ponies: 200 - 300 kg: 15 ml = 4 divisions
Repeat dose on the morning after exercise to continue to promote recovery of horses with reduced appetite or thirst.
Electrolyte replacement through use of NV Electrovite Paste should ideally correspond to sweat loss which can vary with exercise intensity and environmental conditions.


Presentation 60 ml syringe. 12 syringes per outer.


Store below 30°C (Room Temperature).

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