Equilibrium Mineral Mix


$ 32.50

Equilibrium Mineral Mix is the product that started it all, it's still the same great composition that yields such fantastic results.

This is the supplement that we recommend for most horses all of the time. Why not all horses? Well we do know there are some individuals that can be a little nervous or excitable and for them we recommend our Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix in place of our Mineral Mix offering.

Designed for horses, not particular climates, places or regions, thousands of owners from across the world have seen their horses benefit from having Equilibrium Mineral Mix added to their feeds.

Equilibrium Mineral Mix Composition

Above is the list of elements present in 1kg of Equilibrium Mineral Mix. To calculate how much of a particular element is present in a 70g scoop, just divide the listed amount by 14.29. For example, if you'd like to figure out how much calcium is in one scoop of Equilibrium, just divide 127 by 14.29 (8.89g).

Directions For Use

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