Equine Nutrition Weightlifter - Calm 25Kg


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Safe 'n EasyTM "Calm"
A complete feed with added Minerals and Vitamins and balanced Protein and Energy to maintain a calm horse.Meets the needs of active Horses and Ponies.Safe ‘n Easy Calm is designed for horses and ponies that need to maintain composure whilst competing.
An all-round balanced TMR providing quality protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a convenient easy to feed ration, ideal for all equine activities.
Formulated to provide the necessary digestible energy along with soluble fibre.Safe ‘n Easy Calm is a palatable blend with vitamins and minerals ensuring a balanced nutritional diet suitable for medium to high performance activities.Safe ‘n Easy Calm also helps maintain a shiny and glossy coat, healthy skin and bright eyes and promotes normal/optimal growth and development of the musculo-skeletal system.It is important to carefully balance your horse’s diet to ensure you are maintaining a good balance of all nutrients in the diet. Safe’n Easy Calm was developed by Equine Nutrition Australia, and is suitable for all classes of horses engaged in various types of exercise.Directions For UseSafe'n Easy Calm should be used to supplement good quality grazing pasture and grass/pasture hay.Feed approximately 1% of bodyweight of the horse per day (i.e. 15 hh 400kg horse = 4kg's per day). This may vary with each horses work rate and or condition, and other available sources of food. You can add further Oaten Chaff to Safe ‘n Easy Calm but this will decrease the Vitamin and Mineral intake.We recommend this feed should be dampened and mixed thoroughly before use. I.e. For every 4 scoops of feed, add 1 scoop of water. Should be Damp and Crumbly when fed. For specific advice, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 781 244 anytime.

StorageStore under cover in a cool dry place below 30 Celsius.

Swabbing and Competition Information. This feed is made from All Natural ingredients and as such it complies with the Australian Rules of Racing and EFA Competition Swabbing Rules and with Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority. MRL Standard Table 4. The feed is made from natural ingredients and subject to extensive quality control testing. While every effort is made to reduce or eliminate naturally occurring foreign seeds may be present. These seeds that could be found in any Horse Feed (if present) may contain components which cause positive swab results in competing animals, this is the case for any feed that contains chaff or grains.

Pregnant or Lactating Mares & Weanlings

It is a all natural feed and safe to be fed to Weanlings and Pregnant Mares and all horses in between.

NoticeThis feed has been formulated specifically for horses as described on the label and should not be used for other species of animals. Unsuitable for human consumption.The manufacturer accepts no responsibility if this feed is used in quantities, conditions or in any other way other than in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The manufacturer's recommendations for use of this product may be obtained by contacting the office of the company. 1300 781 244

IngredientsLucerne Chaff, Oaten chaff, ENA Horse Pellets, ENA Cereal Meal, Black Sunflower seeds, Rice Bran, Glucos-equine TM Monodicalcium phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Canola Oil, added vitamin, minerals and trace elements.This Product Does Not Contain Restricted Animal Material.

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