Ceva - Ferrocyl 100ml Injectable


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Sodium cacodylate 6.4 mg/mL
Ferric chloride 0.68 mg/mL
Copper gluconate 0.19 mg/mL 


  • FERROCYL is a preparation of organic arsenic, iron and copper of low toxicity to stimulate red blood cell production.

  • FERROCYL improves appetite in difficult eaters, and improves skin and coat condition.

  • FERROCYL promotes recovery from stress, debility, parasitism, poor nutrition.

  • FERROCYL assists horses and dogs under stress of training and racing.

  • FERROCYL is an injection, organic arsenic and mineral treatment for anaemias and debilitated states in horses and dogs.

FERROCYL combines the therapeutic properties of pentavalent arsenic compounds with readily available iron and copper. This combination makes FERROCYL suitable for treatment of iron responsive anaemias, and as a tool for stimulation of horses and dogs in debilitated states, slow convalescence, inappetance, and nutritional and performance related stress.
The organic arsenic in FERROCYL increases skin and gut blood circulation, promotes a healthy coat growth, and stimulates appetite, while the iron and copper stimulate red blood cell and hemoglobin production for improved blood counts, improved oxygen transport and improved performance. Copper is an essential component of many body functions.

To assist in treatment of iron responsive anaemias in horses and dogs

FERROCYL has particular application in the following states:

  • Shy, picky eaters. The effect is usually rapid, after only 2 - 3 injections. Good eaters will recover more rapidly from stress. With the return of normal appetite any anaemias are often quickly corrected.

  • To promote recovery from poor nutritional states, after worming or during hard training or convalescence from illness or injury.

  • For over-trained or run down performance animals under stress.

  • To improve horses and dogs brought into training after long spells.

  • After serious illness or injury, parasitism or chronic haemhorrage.


Administer by intramuscular injection

Horses: Give 30 ml every other day or as directed by your veterinary surgeon . Repeat as indicated by a veterinary surgeon.

Dogs: Give 1 to 5 ml daily or every other day. Repeat as indicated by a veterinary surgeon.

FERROCYL can be combined with VAM to provide all essential nutrients and co-factors for improved production of new red blood cells.

100 ml sterile glass multi dose vial.

Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning). Protect from light.

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