Hyfeed - Soygize 20kg


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Conditioning, Muscle & Definition

Soy Gize is a highly digestible, premium full fat soy meal that is suitable to be added to all equine diets to provide a high level of essential amino acid protein, fatty acids, vitamins & minerals to assist with muscle definition, added top line or an improvement in body condition.

Hyfeed uses extrusion (pressure cooking) when processing human food grade soybeans, thus producing the highest quality soy meal on the market.

Suitable for:

All types of equines, particularly young stock and those that require extra condition.

Simply add Soy Gize to your equines feed to:

  • Improve muscle definition
  • Increase top line
  • Improve body condition of poor doers
  • Enhance coat condition & shine
  • Enhance condition for race horses & sport horses in work

Daily Feeding Rates

Soygize (g/day)

Weanlings & Yearlings  200-400g Stallions 250-500g
Dry & early pregnancy  200-400g Conditioning 250-500g
Late gestation & lactating mares  300-500g Light work 150-250g
Medium work 200-400g Heavy work 300-600g


Here at Smoken Speed horses we have used Hyfeed Soy Gize for many years now with incredible results. We feed it to every horse depending on their nutritional needs and find it exceptional for conditioning, cool energy and an amazing show ring shine. We predominantly breed Quarter horses to compete in the tough sport of Barrel Racing and have also found Soy Gize has given many competitive horses the edge they need. We are often asked what we feed our horses and Soy Gize is always at the top of the list.


Typical Analysis Per Kg

Hyfeed Soy Gize is a blend of the following quality ingredients:

Extruded Soybeans (Human Food Grade), Limestone, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Vitamin & Mineral Premix

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