Kelato - Muscleguard 32G Tube


$ 25.50

Muscleguard is an oral paste which provides key nutrients that have a role in protecting muscles and sustaining their function during strenuous exercise. Muscleguard provides the nutrients that have a role in preventing muscle soreness and fatigue during and after an event. Each 32g tube contains:
Alpha Lipoic Acid 2000mg/32g L-Carnitine 7500mg/32g B1 800mg/32g
Grape Seed Powder 250mg/32g L-Carnosine 1000mg/32g B2 100mg/32g
  Di-methyl Glycine 500mg/32g B3 100mg/32g
  Arginine 250mg/32g B5 750mg/32g
  L-Cysteine 250mg/32g B6 75mg/32g
    B12 1.2mg/32g

Muscleguard plays a particularly important role with Loosenup to prevent muscle soreness and fatigue with Muscleguard having a role in acute circumstances and Loosenup being indicated for chronic (i.e. longer term) problems.
Directions: Administer ½ a tube 6 – 8 hours prior to the event and then the remaining ½ tube immediately post-event. Muscleguard is applied directly on to the back of the horses tongue.

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