Kohnkes Own - Activ-8


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Activ-8 provides nutritional support to the immune system and is considered to have a role in maintaining optimal immune function in all horses and those recovering from respiratory viral conditions and lower airway disease.

Activ-8, as its name implies, contains 8 nutrient co-factors including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, along with organic zinc, selenium, manganese and copper, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6, as well as Vitamin C, at supplementary doses to correct low or inadequate levels in grain and hay based diets. These nutrients are well recognised as providing nutritional support to the immune system

Activ-8 is recommended as a supplement for:

  • Horses on hay and pasture diets that are low or inadequte in the essential immune nutritional co-factors to maintain a functional immune system.

  • Horses challenged by viral respiratory diseases or following infection when a strong functional immune system is essential for health and wellbeing.

  • Horses, prior to, and during long distance transport, relocation and other injury, where immune defence is paramount to health and performance.

  • Young horses andyearlings being prpared for sale and being transported to new environments in contact with many other horses which may carry viral and bacterial diseases.  Activ-8 will assist the immune function to respond to new infections if administered 2-3 weeks daily prior to sale date or relocation.

  • Young horses for 7-10 days prior to and after vaccination to optimise the immune response to the vaccine.

Activ-8 is a highly palatable powder that adheres to the feed to prevent sift-out and waste.

*Also contains other synergistic immune active co-factor vitamins


There are 2 ways to give Activ-8  (based on a 500kg Horse)

Mix into Feed -  This is the most common way of administering the supplement

Mix one sccop of activ-8 with the morning and night feed for 7-10 days, then reduce the dose to 1 sccop daily for three weeks

Water Slurry over the tongue -  This is the most common way of administering the supplement

Mix one scoop of Activ-8 with water or molasses and syringe over the tongue prior to morning and night feed for 7-10 days, or until the horse picks up appetite and the supplement can be added to the feed, then reduce the dose to 1 scoop daily for three weeks

Handy Hint: Many trainers have found that a continued daily dose of Activ-8 at the stabilising dose of 1 scoop daily is useful whilst a horse is in training, especially if the horse has had a history of lower airway disease or excess mucus buildup in the lower windpipe, as seen on scoping, can help to minimise recurring low grade airway infection.

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