Natural Animal Solutions - Eye Clear 15ml

Natural Animal Solutions.

$ 23.50

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A gentle 'all natural' formulation providing treatment, prevention, maintenance and cleaning

Rated 5 out of 5 for effectiveness from consumer reviews at Australia's largest online store

Specially formulated in conjunction with research & formulation leaders of the Australian naturopathic industry.

Treatment, prevention and eye care

No drugs             

Free from cortisone and antibiotics

Cat Dog

Safe for cats and dogs

Safe for horses and livestock

A gentle formulation taking care of the health of your pet’s eyes. In a soothing base of saline brings 4 core active ingredients containing valuable plant extracts and silver ions. The practical applicator also makes it ideal for use around your pet’s irritated eyes.

Colloidal silver: antiviral & antibacterial

Golden seal: natural antibiotic

Devil’s claw: anti inflammatory

Eyebright: natural antihistamine

1 drop x 2 - 3 times daily

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