Comfortis Plus - Large Blue


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Comfortis Plus Blue for Dogs weighing 18.1-27kg.

Comfortis Plus is a monthly chewable tablet that controls fleas, intestinal worms and heartworms.


  • Kills fleas rapidly and provides month-long protection

  • Treats and controls intestinal worms including roundworm, hookworm and whipworm

  • Provides protection from heartworm when given every month


Comfortis Plus contains spinosad, the active ingredient in Comfortis, that kills fleas fast. It starts to work within 30 minutes of administration, killing 100% of fleas after 4 hours. Comfortis Plus continues to kill fleas for a whole month following treatment, preventing reinfestation and helping to control flea allergy dermatitis. Comfortis Plus also provides your dog with protection from deadly heartworm disease and treats and controls intestinal worms including roundworm, hookworm and whipworm

Safe for use in puppies over 2.3kg from 8 weeks of age. Seek your veterinarians advice before using Comfortis Plus to treat pregnant and lactating females or for dogs with pre-existing epilepsy.

Prefer to use topical flea and heartworm prevention? Try Advocate or Revolution.

Have you treated your dog for tapeworm? Add Drontal every 3 months to keep them completely covered.

Need tick prevention? Try Nexgard or Bravecto

Note that Comfortis Plus is a new product from Elanco, which has replaced Panoramis on the market. For all intensive purposes, Comfortis Plus contains all active ingredients and in dosages identical to Panoramis.

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