Ranvet - Power Formula 20kg


$ 92.50

The Ranvet Power Formula: Is a balanced protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for stabled horses and the equine athlete.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive protein supplement containing protein meal and essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • Provides a unique amino acid profile, providing the building blocks to lay down bone and muscle in hard working horses.
  • Maintains muscle mass and condition during strenuous preparations.
  • Optimal calcium:phosphorus ratio to ensure sound bone and tendon integrity.
  • Provides low energy and carbohydrates while ensuring high quality protein provision.
  • Complete feed supplement in highly palatable, easily delivered pelleted form.
  • Specifically tailored for stabled, high performance horses to maintain optimum growth, performance and tissue repair.
  • No animal by-products.

Key Benefits:

  • Well balanced, high quality protein and amino acid supplement.
  • Provides essential protein for muscle mass and maintenance during training and competition, commonly deficient in grain and roughage rations.
  • Provides correct balance of critical bone mineral nutrients, preventing de-minaralisation through dietary imbalances.
  • Provides essential co-factors in calcium absorption and metabolism often deficient in stored grains and roughages.
  • Allows varying of the grain portion of the diet depending on individual energy requirements.
  • Palatable and non-siftable.

Directions For Use:

Avoid mixing through a dampened or wet feed/mash due to possible odour.

Important Note:

To ensure optimal growth rate and bone development, Ranvet 500 Plus Stud Formula should be used prior to commencing training or high performance.

Dosage Rates:

300-600g daily added to the ration. Ideally, pellets should be divided equally between morning and evening feeds.

Size: 20kg


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