Valuheart - Heart wormer - Large Dog - Gold - 21-40KG - 6's


$ 18.50

Product Information
Valuheart Monthly Heart worm Tablets Gold for Large Dogs weighing 21-40kg. Valuheart tablets provide monthly protection for your dog against heart worm.  
  • Protects against heart worm when given monthly
  • Australian made
  Heart worm are spread by mosquitoes, when the mosquito bites your pet, it injects larvae into their body that then migrate to the heart and blood vessels of the lungs. Over a period of months the larvae develop into adult worms that can reach up to 30cm in length and clog up the heart and blood vessels, resulting in heart failure and sadly death. Treatment for heartworm disease is dangerous and expensive, so prevention is essential. Safe for treatment of puppies from 6 weeks of age, as well as pregnant and lactating females. Prefer to use a chewable treatment for heart worm? Try Heartgard. Is your dog protected from fleas and ticks? Add Nexgard  to keep them covered.
Ingredients Ivermectin 240µg

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