Virbac - Recharge for Dogs


$ 31.50

Rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids lostduring exercise, travelling and other stressful conditions
Rapidly restores vitality
Easy to use liquid concentrate – simply add to drinking water
Suitable for use in hot weather
Tasty flavour dogs will love Recharge®
provides rapid restoration of electrolytes as a isotonic
“sports” drink for active dogs. The formulation is speci
fically matched to meet the electrolyte needs of dogs, which pant rather than sweat
to cool.
Electrolytes are important body salts, required for nerve and muscle
function. Body salts are lost during exercise, hot weather and other
stressful conditions and if not replaced result in dehydration, muscle
cramping & poor performance.
for Dogs also contains citrate salts as a buffering agent
against lactic acid and glucose to enhance rapid uptake of electrolytes
It is common for dogs to lose large quantities of fluid and
electrolytes during travelling and other stressful conditions such
as competition, racing and during hot weather from excessive
panting. Unless these losses are rapidly replaced, dehydration,
muscle cramping, loss of performance and nervousness can occur.
for dogs is great for use during periods of hot weather,
after exercise and during travel. Recharge®
aids in restoring fluid and electrolytes and aids rapid recovery from fatigue and
is very easy to use, simply add to cool, clean drinking
water. There is no need to wait until the dog has consumed a
meal. It comes in a handy portable pack to administer at events
and during travel.

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