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WEEDMASTER ARGO DST GLYPHOSATE 540 HERBICIDEActive Ingredients: Glyphosate as Isopropylamine & Potassium Salts @ 540g/LSimilar or Equiv. To : Roundup DST (Monsanto)Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is a non-selective herbicide for the control of many annual and perennial weedsBenefits of Weedmaster Argo DST Glyphosate 540 Herbicide;
  • 540 g/L glyphosate dual salt formulation
  • Rapid plant uptake & translocation
  • Excellent brownout.
  • Exceptional tank mix compatibility with a wide range of products
  • The integrated surfactant package delivers market leading compatibility without the need for additional surfactants
  • Low foaming formulation
  • 1 hour spray to sow
Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is designed to offer faster, stronger and more convenient weed control in a one drum package. It delivers robust performance on tough weeds, is labelled compatible with more tank mix herbicides than any other knockdown herbicide, and provides a shorter time to sowing interval on seedling annual weeds.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is a higher loaded glyphosate herbicide which means that users can spray more area with one drum.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is fully loaded with unique surfactants that means no need to purchase or mix wetting agents, oils or acidifiers.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is the most compatible knockdown herbicide on the market. Glyphosate 540 Herbicide is for the user seeking an edge in performance and convenience.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide allows the end user to spray seedling annual weeds and sow a crop sooner It is low foaming and easy to pump.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is 50% more concentrated than Roundup Concentrate, it is ideal for large areas, heavy weed infestations, and tough weed problems.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is a Systemic weedkillerWeedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is Non-residualWeedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is not active in the soilWeedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is an excellent value, highly concentrated liquid weedkillerWeedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide kills quick growing annual weeds, like Chickweed & Sow Thistle, and tougher weeds, like Blackberry and BambooWeedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide has been formulated with a unique cutting edge surfactant system that is designed to maximize uptake of the herbicide by the weedWeedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is a non-volatile, non selective, water soluble liquid herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in a wide range of agricultural and non-agricultural use situations.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide may be used for weed control on agricultural land prior to planting any edible or non edible crop but not prior to transplanting tomatoes. When applying this product prior to transplanting crops into plastic mulch, care much be taken to remove residues of this product from the plastic prior to transplanting. Residues can be removed by 2cm of natural rainfall or by applying water via a sprinkler irrigation system.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is absorbed by plant foliage and green stems. It is inactivated on clay and organic matter in soil and does not provide residual weed control.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide moves throughout the plant from the point of contact to and into the root system. Initial visible effects on annual weeds take 3-7 days but may not be noticeable for 2 to 3 weeks under cool cloudy conditions or on some perennial weeds.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is designed to control weeds prior to planting any edible or non edible crop (except transplanted tomato seedlings.)Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is designed to be used with conventional, minimum and zero tillage cropping systems.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is registered for pre harvest use in wheat, sorghum, cotton, some winter pulse crops and some summer legumes.Weedmaster Argo DST 540 Herbicide is registered for weed control in non-agricultural, forestry and in dry drains and channels.

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