Y-TEX PYTHON MAXIMA INSECTICIDAL CATTLE EAR TAGS 20-Pack (Piperonyl Butoxide & Zeta-Cypermethrin) (Pyrethroid)


$ 125.00

Active Ingredients: PIPERONYL BUTOXIDE @ 200g/kg & ZETA-CYPERMETHRIN @ 100g/kg
One tag on each animal (1/head) - For Buffalo Fly and Cattle Biting Lice control
PYthon MAXIMA is a sustained-release, plastic ear tag containing a synergized formulation of zetacypermethrin, a potent, enriched S-isomer pyrethroid compound. This insecticide has excellent activity against many ectoparasites of cattle.
PYthon MAXIMA's larger net weight of 15.4 grams per tag provides greater insecticidal release for maximum effectiveness against buffalo flies and other ectoparasites. PYthon MAXIMA provides an excellent tool for rotation with other insecticides.
Controls susceptible buffalo flies and aids in control of cattle biting lice and nuisance flies on beef and dairy cattle AT ONE TAG PER HEAD.
PYthon MAXIMA is available in 20, 100 and 500 tag packs, in sachets of 20 tags each. Each tag contains a male button for attachment.
  • Labelled for use as one tag per head on beef and dairy cattle, including calves over 3 months of age and lactating dairy cattle.
  • It is the only synergized Pyrethroid tag with 15.4 grams net weight, designed for extended insecticide release.
  • Controls susceptible buffalo flies for up to 3 months and aids in control of cattle biting lice and nuisance flies on beef and dairy cattle.
  • Provides maximum, sustained pest control potency, which can result in increased weight gains.
  • Provides an ideal, cost-effective management tool for other classes of insecticides to help minimise insecticide resistance.
  • Has nil withholding period and zero export slaughter interval.
  • Has the Y-TEX patented Snap-Lok collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for 5 months.
Python Maxima Insecticidal Cattle Ear Tags will give effective control of Buffalo fly and Cattle lice if used regularly on all animals in the group. The treatment regime with a periodic rotation program will reduce the potential for insecticide resistance to develop.
Animal and Pest: Cattle including lactating dairy cows - Buffalo Flies (Haematobia irritans exigua), nuisance flies and biting lice (Damalinia bovis)
States Registered: For treatment of Buffalo Fly in Qld, NSW, NT & WA.  For treatment of nuisance flies and biting lice in all states.
Rate: For Fly and Cattle Biting Lice control - One tag on one ear of each animal (1/head)
Critical Comments:
For Buffalo Fly Control - Apply when fly numbers exceed acceptable levels.  Removal of tags after 3 months will ensure fly populations are not exposed to sublethal doses which may increase the chance of resistance.  Remove tags with tag remover.  The level and duration of control may be reduced under high fly pressure.  The whole herd is to be treated concurrently.
For Cattle Biting Lice Control - Apply tags in late Autumn or early Winter and remove after 3 months.
APPLICATION: Apply tags with the Y-TEX Ultra Tagger
  1. Seat male button firmly on pin, press down and give a slight twist.
  2. Place female tag under clip by depressing lever. Collar on tag must be pointing down. Tag and button are now ready for application.
  3. Position male stud between the second and third radial cartilage on the front or back of the ear. Do not allow shaft of the male button to penetrate any cartilage rib or blood vessels or ear damage may result.
  4. Squeeze handles of applicator together.
Withholding Periods: MEAT: Nil & MILK: Nil. Export Slaughter Interval (ESI): 0 days
Pack Sizes Available: 20 tags, (100 tags & 500 tags - P.O.A.)

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